A picture is worth a thousand words.
In today’s world, it’s truer than ever before. No matter how we may play down the importance of it… we all want to look our best. With social media sites becoming the “go to” place for communication, now more than ever your image is your calling card and like it or not, we are all perceived by the first look.
At Dale Rhodes Photography, we’re all about uncovering who you are and creating an awesome image for your personal or professional purposes. We specialize in on-site photography at your location or an outdoor shoot at a location of your choice. During the hour long session, we will use portable lighting and backgrounds, to produce studio quality images. This is the perfect type of session for personal photos, actors or business professionals who need a high quality portrait photo taken.
It is really important for us to get inside the subjects heads and create iconic portraits that will speak volumes about who they are. I have a unique ability to put the subject at ease and it is my mission to have all of my clients get a kick out of their portrait experience.

Nothing is more important than a first impression.
Corporate/Business/Commercial photography is all about putting on a professional touch that represents your organization, as you want to be seen. Whether you want to showcase your personality, professionalism or product, our photography will show off your business to its fullest potential and communicate your unique brand.
We shoot corporate headshots, executive portraits, environmental portraits, as well as commercial products for all sorts of businesses. Whether you’re a Fortune 500 corporation, or the proprietor of a small business – we provide professional business portraits for individuals and companies of all sizes. 
Commercial Photography
Commercial Photography is used to help sell, advertise or market a product, service, person or persons. At Dale Rhodes Photography, we’re here to help promote your business, help sell your products and help market your businesses. We’re here to take images that will help you reach whatever goal that your business envisions.
At Dale Rhodes Photography we understand how things sell, and are able to articulate the qualities that drive people to purchase a given product or service. Weather for commercial use in advertising, merchandising or product placement; there are a number of ways that your images can be used to better market your products and your business.
Business Portraits / Headshots
We know how busy you are, so we balance achieving the most flattering images, while using the least amount of your valuable time. We specialize in on-site corporate photography in your location or in your office. An executive portrait taken in the ambiance of your own office can make a powerful statement about whom you are. We use portable lighting and backgrounds, to produce studio quality images at your location. 48 hours after your session, you will receive a password to our client area where you can view your proofs and make your selection. Within 5 days after your selection, your images will be available for download.
Corporate Headshots
Tight head and shoulders portraits shot at your location, all shot with the same background and lighting setup.
Environmental Portraits
These are different from headshots as they are environmental portraits. The backgrounds are appropriate to your business, and the collection can include head and shoulders, 3/4 and full body lengths. We will spend our time shooting in a variety of locations with different poses and expressions, as your needs and schedule dictate.
Environmental Headshots
Combining the look of the environmental executive portrait and the economy of the business Headshot, Environmental headshots, utilize your office (or other location) as a backdrop for your company’s headshots. Like normal headshots, all photos are shot with the same background and lighting setup.

Contact us to schedule a Corporate/Business/Commercial Photography session.


Fashion is ever changing and so is fashion photography.
Fashion photography has gone through many incarnations and has redefined the role of the fashion photographer with imaginative images of the modern woman.
Fashion photographers should love and understand fashion. They have to be aware of a lot of things; you’re photographing garments that need to grab the viewer’s attention, you need to know how to photograph them well and may even have to lend your eye in styling them to make an image.
No matter who you are or what you do, you must always think about the brand. Whether you are a Creative Director, CEO or part of a team, you are selling what you bring to the table. Your images need to capture that brand.
I have worn many hats over the last two decades, bringing a strong background in fashion to my photography skills and creative eye. I have worked in the garment industry as a merchandise director, product developer and buyer. I have also worked with many designers creating and producing the garments that bring their vision to market.
As you can see, I bring some very special and unique tools to the table as a fashion photographer.
My personal style is bold, in your face images that truly capture the heart and soul of your brand. I’m all about uncovering who you are as a commodity and creating an awesome image that focuses on the product, it’s style and branding power.
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